June 2018 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

13 June – Panama Café Orchestra

John Boulton & Cecily Hughes: “Revived those 1920’s recordings splendidly and with lots of funny repartee.  Just tickety boo!”
John & Pauline Bush: “Superb evening with excellent music and great fun”.
David & Bridget Salmons: “Liked their smart appearance and good sense of humour.  Good tunes and flexibility from the Reeds.  Very enjoyable evening.”
Nancy Wilson & Liz Heal: “Five stars.  Really good, very smart too.  Nice to see.  A very enjoyable evening.”
Jan Almond, Veronica Walker & Chris Wells: “Very entertaining & professional.  All good musicians & singers.”
Jean Petty: “Liked the old music of the twenties.”

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27 June – Apex Jazz Band

Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return to these old stalwarts of Gosport Jazz Club!  Who, despite advancing years, can still play traditional jazz with verve and enthusiasm.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “Always a treat to hear the Apex after forty-odd years.”
Anita, Dave & John: “Good band, good line-up, easy listening.”
Bridget & David: “A good jolly evening.  Enjoyed the humour.”
Ashley, Lesley & Roger: “Very lively.  Enjoyed the dry humour!  A good selection of unusual tunes – really nice to hear some different ones.  Lots of pace.”

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