April 2019 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

3rdFB Pocket Orchestra


Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “FAB-U-LOUS!!!  Can’t believe we were treated to such a varied and imaginative and skilfully performed set. ESPECIALLY loved ‘Nobody’s Fault but Mine’ and ‘Maid of Constant Sorrow‘ so much.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome back to this young & talented trio of musicians playing 10 instruments between the three of them.  Their range of jazz numbers includes rags, blues, 1920s pop tunes plus ‘novelty’ numbers, etc.  A very enjoyable change from the traditional six-piece line-up”
David & Bridget: “Excellent evening.  All very talented trio of musicians playing many different instruments.  Lots of lovely sounds.  Please have them back again.”
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “Great gentle jazz played by three very talented and versatile musicians.  Wonderful entertainment.  Very different style of jazz but none the worse for that.  Again please!”
Roger & Lesley: “Three musicians, so many instruments!  So talented and fun.  Great mix of standards and rarities.”
Jan Almond: “One of my favourite bands.  Excellent and entertaining musicians.  And I love the variety of music they play.”
Pauline & John Bush: “Great fun evening with jazz of a difference with adaptable musicians – great vocals.”

The list of instruments included: Ollie Corbin – Cornet, Accordion, Tuba, Drum, plus Vocal: Jenny Russell – Clarinet, Washboard, Melodion (Suzuki), plus Vocal: Paul Stevenson – Banjo, Guitar, Tambourine.

17thSouthern Revival New Orleans Jazz Band


Ron Norman: “What a great evening.  Excellent Sound.  Very professional.”
Tony Baily: “A very entertaining band with very good players – not to be missed.  See you all again next year.”
Nick & Heather: “They are about the best you can get for their style of New Orleans jazz.  First Class.”
David & Anita, John, Vic & Sue: “Terrific – more of this please.  Proper jazz.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A new band to us in Gosport, although many of the members are familiar to us from other bands!  Playing a very distinctive style of ensemble playing characteristic of the early New Orleans bands with very short or absent solos.  Very enjoyable evening.”

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