May 2019 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

1 May – Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants

John & Brenda Bugg: “Sometimes it feels like a privilege to sit in close proximity to superb musicians.  Tonight is such a night.”
Tony Baily: “Kevin and the boys play excellent swinging mainstream jazz.”
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “Really good entertainment and a fun evening.  Great line-up playing lots of popular numbers very well.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return for Kevin and his Jazz Giants.  A slight change of personnel with Paul Harrison on reeds and Simon Smith on Bass . An excellent evenings entertainment of lively swinging jazz music.”
Roger & Lesley; ”Great music , superb musicians.  Very entertaining evening ,left us quite exhausted by the pace!!
David & Bridget: “Excellent sense of humour.  A lively & active band of musicians.  Very much enjoyed.  Great varied selection of tunes – including the rag time.”


15 May – ‘Tiger’ Tim Eyles’ Ragamuffins


Tim & Andrew: “Great fun and really good music.  It’s all been rather lovely!  A bleeding good time (Tim had a nose bleed part way through).”
David & Bridget: “Great sense of humour mad a very enjoyable evening.  Bridget says ‘It’s the way Tim tells them!'”
Ron Norman & Chris Stevens: “Great band, great entertainment.  Jokes were good too!!”
Jean Petty & Jean Chase: “What a good night as Tim always is.”
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “Very entertaining with a mostly new line-up.  New (to Gosport) trombonist Rob Pearce was great and there were even some jokes we hadn’t heard before!”
Joyce Cook , Brenda & John Bugg :”Sensational evening .Enjoyed the band vey much. Humour was appreciated”

Maureen & John Carter ;”A welcome return for this very popular band. A couple of personnel changes but still the same excellent performance by Tim , especially the spirituals and his excruciating jokes!”

29 May – Sunset Café Stompers


David & Bridget Salmons: “A multi-talented band.  Great music with excellent commentary.  Look forward to hearing them next year.  Another great evening.”
Tony Baily: “Mike and the boys always put on a very good show with Hamish’s vocals a big plus.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “Sheer perfection in a trad band.  What more can one say?”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Loved how the band really gelled together; really loved the Jelly Roll piano solo & duet with the clarinet!  Great evening, great sound.  Great singer too!”
John Rothery: “High standard of musicianship.  arrangements based on original recordings.  Competent singer instead of poor from band musicians.  Well balanced band sound.”
Roger & Lesley: “Unfamiliar tunes and a history lesson delivered with a gentle humour!  Great music from great musicians.”

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