October 2019 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

2 October – Slide By Slide – Richard Leach & Kevin Grenfell (from the Jazz Giants) on trombones

Brenda & John Bugg: “Two British brass virtuosi, backed by a rhythm section that would stand alone as a brilliant trio.  Wonderful!  Irreverent humour & superb repertoire.  Great, just great.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A change from the usual traditional line-up.  Kevin & Richard, two accomplished trombonists, with a superb rhythm section of piano, bass & drums backing them on a wide range of jazz tunes.”
Ron Norman: “What a great evening.  Excellent music and questionable humour!”
Malcolm, Maureen, Veronica & Bob: “Great entertainment from five very skilled musicians.  Perhaps not for trad purists but what the hell.  Superb.  Please book again.”
Tony Baily: “This group gets better every time we hear them.”
Jean Petty: “Well, what can I say – what a good night;.”
Tim & Andrew: “Lovely toones and a good evening’s entertainment.”
Hugh & Barbara Emsley: “Fabulous.  Really enjoyed this evening.”

16 October – New Orleans Jazz Bandits 

John & Brenda Bugg’s ditty:
“Six lovely musicians, each one a Jazz Bandit.
A wide repertoire of songs, they planned it.
If jazz is a vehicle that moves you, they manned it.
And if jazz is ca century old, they spanned it!
An empty trumpet chair, to fill it – call on Cuff Billett!”
Roger & Lesley: “Individually good – even better as a band.  Liked the play list.  Great entertainment.”
Maureen & John  Carter: “Three changes of personnel since the last visit by this popular south coast band – Rob Pearce on trombone, Norman Emberson on drums and Cuff Billett on trumpet playing a wide range of jazz classics, blues, marches & pop. tunes mainly from the 1920s/30s.  Excellent evening’s entertainment.”
Pauline & John  Bush: “Great band, great music and great evening.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty :”A great evening thanks to a great band.  Pure joy.”
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “Another great evening’s entertainment by six superb musicians.  A good mixture of well-known and less well-known tunes.  Good to hear the drumming of Norman Emberson.”  

30 October – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers plus One

Nick & Heather Anderson: “The band played to their highest standard with some excellent new numbers.”
Roger & Lesley:”Really like the Georgia Ramblers combo and their choice of some unusual tunes.  A fun evening combined with an informative input from Chris.  Thanks guys.  Not forgetting the boogie-woogie!”
John & Pauline Bush: “A lovely evening of traditional jazz – great musicians.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Our very own Chris Newman with his band this week but unfortunately without Julie Horton.  However, cornet player Peter Dorday made up for her in the singing department.  The usual choice of obscure jazz numbers we expect from Chris plus his superb piano playing.”
Brenda & John Bugg: “A most enjoyable evening! A great choice of songs by the ‘mighty atom” and superb arrangements.”


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