January 2020 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

8 January – Andy Woon‘s Vintage Hot Five

Nick & Heather Anderson and Carole Mort: “A truly authentic rendition of early New Orleans jazz played to perfection.  Brilliant!”
Vic, Sue, David, Anita & John: “Great start to the New Year.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return of this popular south coast band playing a mixture of 1920s to 1930s classic jazz numbers, show tunes and amusing novelty numbers.  An enjoyable evening of gentle jazz.”
Roger & Lesley: “Individually fine musicians – but few moments of pzazz and humour.  For a change the band were a bit too quiet.  A bit disappointing.”
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “A great evening of gentle & good humour in which all five played their part.  Great to hear Tony Carter guesting on flute.  Very enjoyable.”


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22 January – Golden Eagle Jazz Band

Nick & Heather Anderson: “A band devoted to keeping alive the original New Orleans sound played to exemplary standard.  BRILLIANT!”
Roger & Lesley: “Excellent band – they played great jazz with lots of personality.  Very enjoyable evening.”
Frankie Patterson: “Uplifting traditional, authentic jazz band.  Really enjoyable.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “In the 17th century, when I was working, whenever the salary pay cheque arrived, the phrase round the office was: ‘The golden eagle has landed’.  I only say cos, appropriately, this band is right on the money! For great British trad music these are the guys!”
Barry Lomas & Trish Emm: “Excellent entertainment – lively music and good jokes.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Really enjoyed the diversity of tempo and style in the set, the way the band sparked-off each other and really gelled and the gorgeously fluid & free clarinet.”
Barbara Bell & Norman March: “Wonderful. Lively, great humour and some familiar tunes.  Great!!”

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