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The venue for the Club is Gosport & Fareham Rugby Football Club, Dolphin Crescent, Gosport, PO12 2HE.  Further details, including links to a map, are given on the Location page.  All dates are Wednesdays and gigs will start at 8pm and end at 10:30 unless stated otherwise, usually with two short intervals.  

Attendees can now pay their entrance fee and for their raffle tickets by debit/credit card.  The Rugby Club does not accept cash, so you can only pay by credit/debit card for items at the bar.

Space is limited and, whilst casual guests are always welcome, booking is advisable – please contact Vicky Newman on 023 9242 9302 (if Vicky is not there please leave a message on the answerphone together with a number to call back or email Vicky Newman at  (Note: the answerphone message is dual purpose & will mention ‘Brunel Carers’ then ‘Gosport Jazz Club’).

It is also requested that Members attending advise Vicky or Roger and Lesley of their intention (and, please, not on the day) so that the table layout and numbers can be adjusted accordingly for each meeting. 

The following Gigs are programmed: 

March 2024
13th – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers Tribute to Nat Gonella
27th – Bob Dwyer’s Bix ‘n’ Pieces

April 2024
10th – John Maddocks Jazzmen
24th – Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants

May 2024
8thGolden Eagle Jazz Band (also see their Flyer)
22nd – Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends

June 2024
5th – Tim Eyles’ Mardi Gras
19th – To be advised

26thAnnual General Meeting (note re-arranged date) – start time 7:30pm.  Meeting will be followed by Chris Newman giving a talk on Nat Gonella.

July 2024
3rd – To be advised
17th – Paula Jackman’s Jazz Masters
31stHarry Strutters Hot Seven featuring vocalist Marlene Hill

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Previous Gigs:
Below is a list of Gigs already held, from January 2018 to the present.   Due to Covid-19 there was a gap, when no gigs were held, between 4 March 2020 and 22 September 2021.
Clicking on the month of a Gig already held will direct you to the Photos and Reviews of the gig held in that month.
A list of Gigs from 2009, until December 2018 is available in Excel, Libre Office and Portable Document (.pdf) formats.  The Excel & Libre Office versions also give an alphabetically arranged List of Bands as an extra worksheet with the dates they performed but the PDF version only gives the List of Gigs – see the List of Bands and their dates in PDF format.

February 2024
14th – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band. See their Mardi Gras leaflet
28thThe Jake Leg Jug Band – Third time at Gosport JC.  Read their biography HERE.

January 2024
17thJazz Café – A gypsy style group – new to Gosport JC – read their biographies here.
31stThe Big Easy – Leeds based 6-piece Swing band

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December 2023
13th – Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Jazz Band – Christmas event.

November 2023
1stPaula Jackman’s Jazz Masters
15th – John Maddocks Jazzmen
29thLonnie Donegan Story

October 2023
4thLouisiana Rhythm Kings – new to Gosport JC – led by Simon Wyld, the trombonist who played with Golden Eagle JB here in July 2023.
18th – Gambit Jazzmen

September 2023
6thNo gig this week – it’s holiday time!
20thSussex Jazz Kings
27th (an extra event) – Storyville Jass Band from Holland

August 2023
9th – Graham Collicott’s Hershey and the Hot Shots
23rdTad Newton’s Jazz Friends – New to Gosport JC.
16thAnnual General Meeting – followed by Chris Newman’s talk ‘JAZZ – Capturing the Moment’.  For further information see the NEWS page.

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July 2023
12th – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers
26thGolden Eagle Jazz Band (also see their Flyer)

June 2023
14th – The Otis B Driftwood Showband – see their Facebook page
Tim Eyles’ Mardi Gras

May 2023
3rdMartin Bennett’s Old Green River Band
17th Acoustic Jass
31st – Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Jazz Band featuring guest Jesper Capion Larsen from Denmark on clarinet

April 2023
5thHarry Strutters Hot Seven featuring vocalist Marlene Hill
19th – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band

March 2023
8thDave Moorwood‘s (depending on the browser or device you use, this link may not work but the following should) Rascals of Rhythm Tribute to Nat Gonella
22nd – Excelsior Vintage Jazz with Cuff Billett.

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February 2023
8thBob Dwyer’s Bix ‘n’ Pieces
22nd – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers

January 2023
11thAcoustic Jass
25th – Andy Woon’s All Stars

December 2022
7th – Graham Collicott’s Hershey and the Hot Shots
21st – Xmas Party Gig – John Maddocks Jazzmen

November 2022
9th –  The Jake Leg Jug Band – Second time at Gosport JC.  Read their biography HERE
23rdGolden Eagle Jazz Band (also see their Flyer)

October 2022
12thLonnie Donegan Story – The Story and Songs of Lonnie Donegan’s rise to fame as “The King of Skiffle” – Britain’s most inspirational star before the Beatles.  Featuring Warren James on Guitar and Banjo, the Jazz Ace – Jim Swinnerton – on the Bass , the top New Orleans Drumming of Baby Jools, plus special guest, the BBC Young Musician of the Year, award winning Saxophonist and Clarinettist, Alex Clarke.
26th – Tim Eyles’ Mardi Gras

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September 2022
14thKevin Grenfell‘s Jazz Giants
28thStoryville Jassband (from Holland)

August 2022
3rdHarry Strutters Hot Seven (featuring vocalist Marlene Hill).
17th – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band
31st – No gig this week – All on holiday!

July 2022
6th –  The Jake Leg Jug Band – First time at Gosport JC.  Read their biography HERE.
13th –  Annual General Meeting – for further information see the NEWS page.
20th – Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Band

June 2022
8thMartin Bennett’s Old Green River Band.
22nd –  Excelsior Vintage Jazz led by Cuff Billett

May 2022
25thGambit Jazzmen
11th – Andy Woon’s All Stars – a different line-up from his Vintage 5, comprising Andy on cornet, Trevor Whiting (reeds), Pete Godfrey (piano] and, both new to Gosport JC,  Jarrod Elks (guitar) & Paul Witten (bass).

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April 2022
13thDave Moorwood‘s (depending on the browser or device you use, this link may not work but the following should) Rascals of Rhythm
27thPanama Café Orchestra

March 2022
2ndGolden Eagle Jazz Band (also see their Flyer)

16th – Chris Newman’s Georgians – a  Tribute to Nat Gonella – Line-up of Chris Newman (keyboard), Pete Dorday (trumpet), Derek Little (reeds), Tony Carter – late substitution  (baritone saxophone), Trevor Britton [double bass) & Chris Ford (drums)
30thAcoustic Jass – new to Gosport

February 2022
2ndBob Dwyer’s Bix ‘n’ Pieces – a different line-up with Bob Dwyer (trombone) as usual, plus well known (at Gosp Hugh Crozier (keyboard) and Graham Collicott (drums) but new to Gosport, Mike (Magic) Henry [cornet), Paula Jackman (reeds) and Marc Easener (sousaphone).
16thSussex Jazz Kings

January 2022
5th – Tim Eyles’ Mardi Gras – a new band and line-up led by Tim (vocals only), Chris Walker (reeds), John Bell (drums), Paul Francis (piano) and Pete Maxwell {bass).
19th – John Maddocks Jazzmen

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December 2021
1st – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band.

15th – Christmas Party gig – Harry Strutters Hot 6 with Gloria Miller

November 2021
3rdDart Valley Stompers
17th – Tony Waller’s Prohibition Jazz Band.

October 2021
6thExcelsior Vintage Jazz – Personnel includes Cuff Billet (trumpet) Ron Rumbole (reeds) John Wiseman (trombone) John Hall (drums), plus banjo & bass, so 6 pieces in all.
20thKevin Grenfell’s Giants of Jazz

September 2021
22nd – Our very own Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers plus Chris Gower on trombone.

There was a very long gap between March 2020 and September 2021 when there were no gigs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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March 2020

February 2020

January 2020

December 2019

November 2019

October 2019

  • 2nd – Slide by Slide – Kevin Grenfell (from the Jazz Giants) & Richard Leach on trombones
  • 16th – New Orleans Jazz Bandits
  • 30th – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers

September 2019

August  2019

July 2019

  • 10th – Nick Ward’s Jelly Rollers
  • 17th – Annual General Meeting followed by a talk on Jazz history by Chris Newman.
  • 24thBlack Cat Jazz Band

June 2019

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May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

February 2019

January 2019

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December 2018

  • 12th – Golden Eagle Jazz Band – Christmas Party Night

November 2018

  • 14th – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band
  • 28th – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers with Chris Gower & Julie Horton

October 2018

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September 2018

  • 5thJeff Barnharts Sweet & Hot Quartet
  • 19th – Gwyn Lewis’s Old Boy Stompers – From Sweden – another band new to Gosport Jazz Club

August 2018

  • 8th – John Maddocks Jazzmen
  • 22nd – ‘Tiger’ Tim Eyles’ Ragamuffins

July 2018

June 2018

May 2018

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April 2018

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018

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