October 2021 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

6 October – Ron Rumbol’s Excelsior Vintage Jazz

Norman March & Barbara Bell: “Great, great, great!  What more can I say and the band was good too.”
John Killian & Jean Petty: “Brilliant!  Just like the old times (pre-lockdown).”
Jill Bater & Petrea Foster: “All the band are excellent musicians and the quality of the music they produce together is exceptional.  It was my first time here and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Good band and great to see Cuff and John Wiseman.”
Jan Almond & Veronica Walker: “What a brilliant band, especially the clarinettist & trumpeter.  Book them again.”
Malcolm: “Great evening with Ron and the Excelsior.  Very entertaining with a great front row ably supported by Ray, John & Tim.”
Roger & Lesley: “Great to hear Cuff Billett again.  Great selection of early jazz tunes.  Excellent evening.”

20 October – Kevin Grenfell’s Giants of Jazz

Roger & Lesley: “An electric evening!  So much energy channelled into great tunes from fabulous musicians!  Great Jazz & Jokes.”
Nick & Heather Anderson, Carole Mort: “One of the most professional and best bands on the circuit.  A great performance.  Very, very brilliant [and Chris!).”
Jeanette, John & Gill: “Very entertaining – also very high standard.  Well done.”
Malcolm & Juliette: “Great band and very entertaining plus a varied repertoire.  Repeat the booking.  Some of the jokes weren’t bad either!”
Bob Pringle: “An excellent band which blended together well with a variety of music that made for a very good evening.”
Jan & Veronica: “Another very good jazz band.  Excellent musicians.”