January 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

5th January – Tim Eyles’ Mardi Gras

Roger & Lesley: “Good to see Tim back, with a superb band.  Great to hear John Bell on clarinet and Tim’s pocket trumpet.”
Gill & Richard Farrar and John Roman: “A very good band put together by Tim.  Enjoyed the different styles of music. Very good to hear Seven Golden Daffodils again.”
Tony Baily: “Nice to see you again Tim with your new line-up.”
Tricia, Barry, Fay & Nicola: “Nice beads!  Good fun band.”
Tim & Andrew: “Great music and funny as ever.  Cracking way to start the New Year.”
Paul, Bob, Jan & Veronica: Tim Eyles great as usual.  Rest of the band were excellent.  Well done.”
Tess Bloodworth: “Great choice of music, well executed.  Thank you.”

The following photos of the band playing different instruments were taken by Roger Lygoe© on his mobile.

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19th January – John Maddocks Jazzmen

Andrew & Tim: “Great numbers played exceptionally well.  This band just keeps improving.  Perhaps this is the cause of a good turnout.”
Paul, Anne & Carol (Anne & Carol’s first gig as new members): “Really enjoyed the performance.”
Nick & Heather Anderson and Carol Mort: “A top class band led by a famous musician playing to their usual high standard.  Included some lesser-known numbers.  Brilliant!”
Roger & Lesley: “A welcome return after more than three years.  We hope to see them back again soon.  Good hot music from very good musicians.”
Barbara Bell & Norman March: “Knee-jerking stuff.  Other bits too.  Great!”
Malcolm, Juliette & Tessa: “Really entertaining.  John Maddocks never fails to produce a great gig and provide superb musicians to listen to.  One of the very best evenings.”

Copyright © of these photographs is owned by Malcolm Swire, Roger Lygoe, Jim Bevington or Jan Almond and they may not be reproduced or copied without their express permission.  To request permission, please go to the form on the Contact page.  To discourage unauthorised use, the quality of the photos has been reduced from the originals, but the originals are still available.  The photos were not necessarily taken at the gig mentioned above.

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