March 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

2nd Golden Eagle Jazz Band

John Carter: “A very popular band for my first reappearance back at the Club after 2 years.  Excellent lively performance.  I particularly liked the ‘slow’ 1920s version of It’s Tight Like That with Malcy on vocals.”
Paul Boyes, Jan Almond & Veronica Walker: “What a great band.  Humorous, entertaining and excellent musicians.  Please book them again in the future.”
Lesley & Roger: “Brilliant!  If every jazz band could be like the Golden Eagle life would be perfect!  Great music, good humour – they enjoyed themselves and so did we.”
John & Brenda and Joyce Cook: “Jokes, joy and just good jazz.  Special mention for the bassist, Chris who kept the whole evening bouncing.  110% entertainment.”
Tony Baily: “Very enjoyable with Malc on drums and vocals.  Nice to see you back at the Club.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Loved the energy, the happy vibes and the mix of tempi.  Lovely to have some slower bluesy numbers along with the quick ones.”

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16th – Chris Newman’s Georgians

Brian & Belinda: “Our 28th Nat Gonella night and one of the best since the early days when Nat was with us.  In recent years bands have played a programme with little mention of Nat.  Great presentation by Chris.”
Jan, Paul & Veronica: “A really entertaining Band.  All excellent musicians.  And good to hear stories of Nat Gonella & his life.”
John Carter: “Our very own Chris Newman on keyboard, with his enlarged (six piece) band, playing an excellent programme of numbers all recorded by Nat Gonella with his various bands, plus Pete Dorday on Nat’s last trumpet.”
Roger & Lesley: “Really good to hear Nat’s music played by Chris and the Georgia Ramblers- some of it on Nat’s own trumpet!  Great evening.  You can’t beat a real string bass – especially if Trevor is playing.”
John & Brenda Bugg and John Killian: “Thanks, Chris for a real tribute to the phenomenal Nat Gonella.  Tunes and stories that meant so much.”

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31st – Acoustic Jass

REVIEWS: Tony Baily: “Four of the best – very good players. See you next year.”
John Carter & John Killian: “This smartly turned out four-piece band in their striped blazers claim to be new to Gosport but at least one member (Andy Chislett) has been here before with other bands. Excellent entertainment, playing all the old favourites from New Orleans.”
John & Gill Farrar and guests Martine & Steve: “A very different band. Made a change having no drummer. Loved the ‘uniform’ and the jokes!”
Brian May & Elaine Yeates: “Different but very good. Hope they will come back again.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “An outstanding talented quartet.”
Richard & Ann Wilson: “Great music. Bring them back.”
Jan Almond: “A really good entertaining band. Excellent musicians.”


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