January 2019 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

9 January – Cuff Billett’s New Europa Jazz Band

Pauline & John Bush: “Much liked.  Lovely way to start the New Year.  Great music from a popular band.
Nick & Heather Anderson: “Excellent co-ordination and faultless playing true to the New Orleans style.  They didn’t let us down
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return to these old favourites of GJC.  One change of personnel in Terry Woods replacing Chris Tilley on Banjo.  The usual mix of jazz standards & more obscure numbers that Cuff manages to find.  A good evenings entertainment.”
Tony Baily: “Hampshire’s finest.  Cuff blowing as well as ever.  Trad at its best.”
Dave , Anita ,John , Vic & Sue “Brilliant Liked the old Tunes.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Spurning any Electronic Aids ,  Save the Milli-voltage of the human frame ,  Cuff’s old boys nonetheless gave an electrifying night of old time jazz with old time tunes that we hummed all the way Ohm!”

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23 January – The Sopranos (Saxophones)Chris Pearce & Andy Leggett

Maureen, Malcolm & Veronica: “Superb band especially, but not only, the front row.  Well balanced and a good selection of tunes, not just standards.  Book ’em again soon please.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “The Sopranos, Play both forte & piano, All good stuff – no Guano, As they say in Hawaii 5.0: Book ’em again, Dano.”
Julia Hubery, Mark & Marie Willis: “Just lovely.  Gorgeous passages of togetherness and fantastic gutsy sensitive solos.  especially loved Jeeps Blues.”
John Rothery: ” Guitar on several tunes gave respite from the banjo and the rhythm section supported the band admirably.  Fast numbers were truly fast and blues properly slow; no sloppy jog tempo that some bands do throughout.  With trombone, two clarinets, two soprano sax, alto sax and tenor sax available in the front row we had splendid variety.  The choice of tunes avoided the old ‘war-horses’.  Only three vocals and although Andy Leggett has no singing voice, he knows the words!”
Maureen & John Carter: “Two superb reeds players with six instruments between them, plus the wonderful trombonist Dave Deakin, all backed by the rhythm section made for a great evening’s entertainment with many Bechet numbers as befits two soprano saxes!”
Margaret & Jim Bevington and Alvis Philips: “Nice combination of instruments.  Lovely music.  Good mix of familiar and less familiar tunes and a nice bit of chat.  Pleasant evening.”

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