May 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

11th – Andy Woon’s All Stars

Paul, Jan & Veronica: “Brilliant musicians and really enjoyed their repertoire!!”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A band that didn’t need and got no introduction.  Highly talented.
Carole Mort: “Treble brilliant – superb musicians!”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Especially liked Lullaby of the Leaves and Limehouse Blues.  Beautiful.”
Malcolm: “Perhaps more swing than trad but a great evening’s entertainment from five superb musicians.  Great to have Pete Godfrey again after a long gap plus, new to Gosport, Jarrod Elks on guitar and Paul Witten on bass.”
Lesley & Roger: “A delightful group of talented musicians.  Good to see a ‘youngster’ in Jarrold Elks.  Enjoyed it all especially some of the trios.  Good to hear some unfamiliar dance music played so well.”
Tony Baily: “Nice to have a mainstream group playing swinging jazz.”
Tim & Andrew: “Great sounds and harmonies.  A really good band.”

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25th – Gambit Jazzmen

Vic & Sue Pheasant (great to see them): “Six of the country’s top jazz musician – three band leaders in their own right.  New Orleans jazz as it should be played.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Great band.”
Jean Petty (great to see her) & Joyce Cooke: “Very good evening.  Liked very much.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: ”Fantastic mix of individual and collective quality, with a lovely playfulness.  Some of the ooziest trombone we’ve heard.  Would have loved to hear some more low, melancholy numbers (because I think they do them great!0 but loved all they played.  Thank you.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Whole band exceptional – back line and front line!  John Maddocks’ clarinet solos superb.  Led by one of the country’s finest trumpet men, Alan Gresty.  We should know, we’ve followed him for over 25 years.”
Roger & Lesley: “Wall-to-wall great music and a bass player who uses his bow – arco.  Played by six very talented musicians who obviously enjoy playing together, made for a superb evening.”
Juliette & Malcolm: “Superb!  A great front line, plus the back one isn’t bad either!  Gambit were last her at GJC in June 2014 but we need them back here soon.  Great evening.”
Bob Pringle & Stella: “Excellent band.  Lively music, so much better performed by a band that were obviously enjoying themselves, thus increasing our enjoyment.”

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