July 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

6th – The Jake Leg Jug Band – an explanation of the name:
Jake was a make of strong liquor (80% proof) in Prohibition days in the US but, to increase profits, the distillery began to dilute its strength with paint thinners which had the effect of making its drinkers, to say the least, very unsteady on their feet with paralysis of their lower limbs, hence ‘Jake Leg’.
At around this time the poor couldn’t afford musical instruments, so they improvised using anything which came to hand, hence the ‘Jug’ which was so well played at this gig.

John & Brenda Bugg: “Talent that’s Leg ’endary’, enthusiasm by the Jug load!  A whole new genre to most of us.  Star note of the night was the cymbal clash at the climax of the gospel number.  Encore.”
Lesley & Roger: “What a delightful change of Jazz style.  Great musicians with lots of humour.  Great music and excellent entertainment.  Come back soon.”
Carl & Helen Locre: “Absolutely fabulous evening.  Such a talented band and great fun.”
Tim & Andrew: “Totally different, but very good.  A very enjoyable evening.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington and Ron Norman: “Novel entertainment.  Good musicians.  Lots of songs.  Very enjoyable.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Refreshing, energetic, different and talented – but would have loved more slow blues in the mix, like St James Infirmary – They did that sooo good (best of the night).
Malcolm, Juliette & Yvonne: “Brilliant.  Very different line-up.  Great entertainment.  Must have them again soon.”

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20th – Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Band

Anon (Guests): “Great fun!!  Loved it!!!  Worth coming over from the dark side (Southsea residents).”
Jan Almond: “Very entertaining & excellent musicians.”
John Carter: “What a lively band, right from the off, with that driving rhythm pushing that fantastic expanded front line.  Brilliant evening’s entertainment.”
Roger & Lesley: “A great mix of lesser known tunes played by a brilliant band with lots of foot-tapping music.”
Judi & Stuart King: “Very enjoyable.  Loved the energy of the band who also seemed to be enjoying playing.”
Malcolm, Juliette & Yvonne: “Brilliant.  So enthusiastic.  Obviously enjoying themselves and that was reflected in the audience.  Great evening with an unusual line-up including two trombones, but it worked.  Welcome to Rick Trolsen, (trombone) from New Orleans.”

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