September 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

14thKevin Grenfell‘s Jazz Giants

John & Brenda Bugg: “Somehow Chris mentioned South Dakota , the most famous in which is Little Big Horn.  Which sort of describes Kevin Grenfell exactly.  Irascible, irrepressible, irresponsible, who unleashes the madness inherent in Jeremy Huggett, no relation to Kathleen Harrison and Chris Newman.  Great night.  Again. Again. Again!”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Was it the Queen?  Was it what Vicky fed them?  This band was on fire.  Best drums and bass we’ve heard.  Amazing solo and ensemble performances.  Fantastic vocals.  We have been entertained and we feel privileged to have been here tonight.”
Lesley & Roger: “ Really entertaining evening.  Loads of fun and great musicianship and a flautist too.”
Tessa, Juliette & Malcolm: “Great evening’s entertainment.  Good to hear Jeremy Huggett on flute and reeds, plus vocals, Jules on drums, Simon Smith on bass and Kevin and his jokes trombone, and trumpet.  Then there was our own Chris Newman on keyboard.  Only slightly sour note was the jokes about travellers.”

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28thStoryville Jassband (from Holland)

Paul, Jan & Veronica: “Fantastic band.  Entertaining and excellent musicians.  We loved their tunes.  Wonderful clarinettist.  Book them again next year if they come to UK.”
Juliette, Yvonne & Malcolm: “Great band.  Very entertaining with a good selection of tunes and repartee.  Excellent clarinettist and a great drum solo.  Please book them again for next UK tour.”
John Carter: “A very welcome return for this popular band from Arnhem after a three year gap.  With the same line-up as last time apart from the leader, Peter Dobbe who is indisposed, Vincent was depping on trombone.  An excellent evening’s entertainment.  Brilliant!”
John & Brenda Bugg.  “A Dutch treat worth every devalued pound!  Six really accomplished boys who incorporate jazz with gymnastics.  They really enjoy themselves and make sure we do too.  Come back soon!”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Loved Memphis Blues and what a great interpretation and take on Blues My Naughty Baby.  Also loved Crying for the Carolines and Sentimental Gentleman.  Loved the intro vocals specially.  Thanks so much to this band for coming over and to give us their energy and talent and a very special drum solo of Industan.”
Vic & Sue Pheasant: “a ‘proper’ New Orleans jazz band. Fine musicians.  Great entertainment.  A pleasure to listen too.”

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