August 2023 Gigs – Reviews & Photos


8th – Graham Collicot’s Hershey and the Hot Shots

Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Belief, Commitment, Energy and Zest made old favourites sound so fresh, we feel privileged to have been able to enjoy musicianship from players so brilliant in solos and together.  Especially liked the drum/clarinet experiment and the fresh and committed banjo and, of course, the so many gorgeous, subtle, expressive tones by Andy Woon.”
John & Brenda Bugg:
“Graham Collicot’s Hot Shots
Have played all the top spots.
From cornet to drums,
these boys ain ’t no bums,
leaving audiences shouting ‘what shots’!”
Malcolm, Juliette, Yvonne & Jenny: “Great entertainment with a good mix of repertoire.  Great repartee from Graham but would have liked more vocals.”
Nick & Heather and Carole: “A very professional outfit and tonight they played at their rhythmic best.  Brilliant.”
John & Maureen Carter: “Three changes of personnel since their last appearance in Gosport with Andy Woon leading on cornet, Tim on clarinet and Mike on banjo.  Playing a wide range of jazz classics with a lively swinging style.  As befits a band led by a drummer – many drum solos.”

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23rdTad Newton’s Jazz Friends – New to Gosport JC.

John & Brenda Bugg: “The band is due to play its fortieth anniversary gig at Dankworth Stables, so Tad is surely doing something right!  Repertoire: a great pick’n mix. Gary Wood’s trumpet innovative and sonorous.  Can we have a Tad more please?
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Loved how sometimes tight and sometimes fluid, the ensemble was.  Great energy.  Especially liked Song of My Father, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and the first number after the second break (?).  Would have loved to hear them do more bluesy, dark, numbers.”
Tony Baily: “A nice change.  All good players with a very good playlist.  Come back soon.”
Malcolm, Jenny & Juliette: “A new band to Gosport with only Mike Wills having been here in recent years.  Great musicians with a very entertaining music.  Great evening – have them back soon.”
Bob, Veronica & Paul: “Lovely relaxed style and very polished.  A pleasure to listen to – lots of interesting solos with variety.  Great sound tonally and a good flowing performance.  Brilliant.”
Tim & Andrew: “Great to see a new band and really enjoyed the mix of music.”
Roger & Lesley: “The brilliance of their music and variety of tunes was only equalled by the choice of colourful shirts!  At times they sounded like a big band and at others authentic New Orleans.  Very enjoyable evening.  Hope it’s not another thirty years before they return!”

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