October 2023 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

4th – Louisiana Rhythm Kings – new to Gosport JC – led by Simon Wyld, the trombonist who played with Golden Eagle JB here in July 2023.

Dean Alder & Mary Sutton-Coulson: ”We hope these guys come back again, a great night of easy listening Jazz.  Excellent!”
Roger & Gill Allen & Kevin Taylor: “Loved the Sousaphone, excellent trumpet player – all round good band.”
Chris & Norman Becket: “A brilliant band, please book them again.”
Jean Petty & John Killian: ”A very good night.“
John & Rita Porter: ”Very Enjoyable.“
Nick & Heather Anderson & Carole Mort: ”Their Interpretation of the Jazz greats certainly merits their name.  Very smooth and talented.  A very brilliant evening.”
Yvonne, Jenny and Juliette: ”Great evening of excellent entertainment.“
Bob, Veronica & Jan: “Musically very sound and nice to hear a band that is playing trad jazz in ways that are  different from a lot of the bands we have had recently.”

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18th – Gambit Jazzmen
John & Brenda Bugg: “When the Gambits get rolling, they purr and chug along like a well-oiled steam loco.  Great players all round, a merit award for John Arthy whose Bass and Tuba do all the talking.”
Robert & Brenda Davenport: “Great Swinging band.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Wonderful energetic performance that made you want to get up and dance.  Gorgeous playing, individually and ensemble.  It is always a treat to listen to the phenomenal John Maddock.  Thank you all.”
Barry Lomas and Trish Emm: “Good Old fashioned jazz.”
Maureen and John Carter: “A very popular band – last here in 2022 and before that 2014!  All excellent musicians playing the full range of traditional rags, stomps, blues plus a spiritual and a march.”
Rita & John Porter: “We really enjoyed this band, a great evening of jazz.”
Malcolm, Juliette, Yvonne & Jenny: “Six great musicians playing some wonderful jazz.  Very entertaining evening. ‘Ave ‘em back.’

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