February 2024 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

14th – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band. See their Mardi Gras leaflet.

John & Maureen Carter: “A slight change in style with the loss of Tony Mann and reduction to a five-piece band.  Featuring the music of Mardi Gras in a new show, concentrating on New Orleans trad jazz.  Excellent entertainment.”
Barry Lomas & Trish Emm: “Very informative evening with some good old trad favourites.”
John Killian: “Good band.  Lovely evening.”
Nick & Heather Anderson and Carole Mort: “A long established band which has not lost any of its panache and are playing as well as ever.  Very brilliant.”
Ron Norman and Chris Light: “Very enjoyable evening.  Have them back any time.”
Malcolm & Jenny: “Professional as always.  Five talented musicians who have been here many times but still manage some new tunes.  Great evening’s entertainment.”
John Porter: “Very good band.  Great jazz.  Much enjoyed the evening.  Good vocals.”

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28thThe Jake Leg Jug Band – Third time at Gosport JC.  Read their biography HERE.

John & Brenda Bugg: “From Armstrong to Waller, via Handy & Lead Belly, The Jugs brought us labyrinthine byways and backwaters of American folk, jazz and Blues.  Refreshing change, with ball of fire, Warren James, and jazz scion, Gabriel Garrick.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Best vocals we’ve heard (except for their St James’ Infirmary at last visit!) – fantastic energy, refreshingly different set.  Especially liked the second, slower gospel number.  Amazing individual and ensemble playing.  Smiled all night!”
Malcolm: ”Great energy.  Very entertaining.  Nice to see the return of Gabriel Garrick, albeit with a different band, and a welcome first time for a local lad, Christian Smith, on keyboard.  Great evening.”
Nick & Heather and Carole Mort: “An entertaining fusion of v American folk/country and jazz, which worked well.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: ”We knew very few of the tunes but all very good.  An entertaining band.”
Jan, Veronica and Bob: “Once again the Jake Leg were brilliant.  Great musicians and great entertainment.”

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