March 2024 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

13th – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers Tribute to Nat Gonella – plus Chris Gower on trombone

John & Maureen Carter: “Our very own Chris Newman on piano with his ‘Georgian’ band playing numbers recorded by Nat Gonella during his long career, some played on Nat’s own trumpet, courtesy of the Pittard family.”
Malcolm, Juliette, Yvonne, Jenny& Tessa: “Great tribute to Nat.  Chris and the Ramblers managed to sound like an authentic 1930s band with old favourites which Nat had recorded.   Wonderful evening’s entertainment.”
Roger & Lesley: “A great evening of music that Nat recoded and stories about him made for a very entertaining and informative evening.  All played in the genuine 1930s style by the Georgia Ramblers.”
Phil and Liny A: “Great night as always.  Excellent Band.”
Val & Laurie Findlay: “Lovely tribute to Nat by Chris and the band.”
Jim & Margaret: “Enjoyed the tales of Nat which accompanied the music.  Lovely to hear so many vocals.”
Tim & Andrew: “Good informative evening and great tunes.”

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27th – Bob Dwyer’s Bix ‘n’ Pieces

Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “A real treat of wonderful, energetic and committed individual and ensemble playing.  Loved the fantastically fluid clarinet and fabulously finessed piano.  Thanks so much for making us smile all evening.  It would just have been nice to hear this ensemble go into something slower and manage melancholy too.”
John & Rita Porter:
”Enjoyed the jazz.
Enjoyed the chaos.
John& Brenda Bugg: “Emulating the habit of the Alex Walsh Band who always arrived late, Bob finally arrived, but his stalwarts of Easener, Woon, Collicott and Creswell, with a newcomer called Newman, filled in admirably.  Great!”
Malcolm Swire: “Very different line-up from last time, with newcomers for this band, Alan Creswell, Andy Woon and Chris Newman.  But what an energetic band and entertaining evening.  Please return with this line-up very soon.”
Yvonne, Juliette & Tessa: “Enjoyed very much.  Very lively and connected well with the audience.  Great playing.  Great entertaining evening as always.”
Roger & Lesley: “Great to hear the 1920s jazz played so well and with such enthusiasm.  A very entertaining evening.  I didn’t know Chris sang!”
Maureen & john Carter: “Three changes in personnel since their last visit to Gosport,. After the late arrival of their leader, the band soon settled down into their lively style of playing with a wide range of traditional tunes.  Good evening’s entertainment.”


The Webmaster apologises for the quality of the following photos.  Only saving grace is that all the players shown are well know to the Club and there are plenty of other, better photos of them.  He will try to do better at the next gig!

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