Membership fees are now due for the current Club year – 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022 – (for those who were members at the start of the Covid restrictions in March 2020), the fee is reduced to £5.00, payable at any time before March 2022.  This is because, in the Club year 2019/20, due to the Covid pandemic, those Members only enjoyed a half year’s worth of gigs.  The £10.00 fee will remain for new Members and reductions are made for those joining part way through the Club year.  Membership fees were reduced to £10 from the previous £20 in September 2014.

Due to reduced attendance at gigs since we resumed in September 2021 Gig fees for Members increased, starting January 2022 from £7.00 to £10.00 per Member and from £10.00 to £12.00 for Guests.  The differential is to encourage Membership of the Club and thereby hopefully engender more of the ‘Club’ spirit.

Membership fees can be paid by cash  or BACS bank transfer.  Payments by cheque (payable to “Gosport Jazz Club”) are accepted but the bank nowadays imposes a charge against the Club when they are paid into the account.
Payment by BACS bank transfer can be made as follows:
Account Name – Gosport Jazz Club
Sort Code – 40 22 17 (HSBC Gosport)
Account Number – 31753525
Please provide a Reference – So that we can identify who the payment is from and the reason for it, please also enter your name and the words ‘mem. fees’.
It would be appreciated if you could also send an email once you have made the transfer, saying that you have done so, to, cc Tim King (
We are pleased to advise that from April 2022 we are now equipped to accept payment for membership by debit or credit card, but this can only be done on Gig nights when the Club’s card machine is available.

For the Club’s Policy and Disclaimer on Privacy and Copyright see the attached Statement in Word or PDF Format.

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