March 2019 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

6 March – Dave Moorwood’s Rascals of Rhythm – Nat Gonella Commemoration Gig:

David & Bridget Salmons: “We loved the clarinet duo and the total evening.  It was great to see and hear Nat’s trumpet.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A very distinctive sound from two very accomplished reed players plus Andy Woon on cornet and Nat’s trumpet with Dave Moorwood on guitar.  No trombone, no drums, no banjo.  A gentle sound playing all Dave’s arrangements of well known jazz classics.  Super entertainment!”
Roger & Lesley: “Liked the line-up very much.  All together an excellent gig.  Great to hear some unfamiliar tunes and different arrangements of well known ones.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “Sophisticated and very polished.  Nat would have approved.”
Tim & Andrew: “Great music for the Nat Gonella night.  Just as good as the last band but an entirely different style.  Luv’ly.
John & Brenda Bugg:
“Dave Moorwood virtuoso on gutar & banjo,
Drives his band along like a Kango,
But he’s also a game-changer,
Being a genius arranger.
Combined Jake Thackeray and Django!”
John Rothery: “The rhythm section was excellent – I didn’t miss the drummer.  Inventive guitar instead of monotonous banjo.  I enjoyed the selection of tunes that avoided those that are done-to-death by most bands.  Above average musicianship from all concerned.”
Ron Norman: “Very good band and an enjoyable evening.  Let’s have them back soon.”

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20 March – Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band

John & Maureen Carter: “A welcome return of this old favourite band playing a varied selection of traditional numbers from 1922 to 1944!”
Malcolm & Maureen: “Great evening of ‘proper’ trad.  Some lovely old tunes and some I hadn’t heard before played by six superb musicians.”
David & Bridget: “A great band – enjoyed the drums-string trio – plenty of tunes.”
Jean Petty & Jean Chase: “A good night as always.  Liked Cuff very much.”
Roger & Lesley: “A very enjoyable evening with some ‘new to us’ tunes along with old favourites, all played by a very talented group.”
Dave, Anita, John, Vic & Sue: “Proper jazz! at last.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “A different repertoire tonight with obscure tunes (some deservedly so), led by Cuff, Fareham’s fairest & finest, a trumpeter with fire still in his belly.”

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