November 2018 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

14 November – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band

Tim & Andrew: “Great band with a great mix of tunes.  Educated and entertained.”
John & Brenda: “A sextet of scintillating, stylish, superb, sophistication.”
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “Professional, accomplished and educating with some very interesting information on jazz history.  An entertaining evening.
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Fantastic together sound.  Especially loved the first set and ‘Creole Love Call’.  Would have been great to have some more slow numbers.”
Nic & Heather: “A talented band of gifted musicians treating us to some interesting jazz versions of classical and standards.”
Pauline & John Bush: “A fantastic evening of jazz ‘history’ with excellent jazz musicians.”

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28 November – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers plus Chris Gower & Julie Horton


John & Pauline Bush: “Wonderful evening of wartime favourites and melodies over the years.”
Tim & Andrew: “Very erudite & learned!  Keep it up!  Oh and by the way, the usual great evening lit up by the lovely Miss Horton.”
John & Brenda Bugg:
“Our committee member named Chris,
Who not only does this,
But thumps at the pi-ano,
Like the navy did to ‘Belgrano’,
And gives us an evening of bliss.”
Roger & Lesley: “Very entertaining evening.  Great singing from Julie & Pete and playing on the piano by Chris.  The rest of the band were superb.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return to our own Chris Newman plus his band.  One change of personnel with Trevor Britton replacing Dave Roger (who is unfortunately very ill).  As usual with Chris, many obscure numbers, most with a WW1  theme.  Plus the ever popular Julie Horton.”
David & Anita Cairns and John Killian:  “Thank Chris for playing boogie-woogie in memory of John (Ward).”

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