October 2018 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

3 October – Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band

David & Bridget: “An excellent band – lively with a variety of interpretations of the tunes played, with plenty of vocals.”
Tim & Andrew: “Good old favourites with John Maddox as a superb deputy.”
Tony Baily: “Very good piano with super vocals.“
Roger Standen: “Excellent trumpet – very entertaining Jazz Band”
Jan Almond & Veronica Walker: ”Excellent jazz musicians.  Good sound especially John Maddox.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A superb performance from this popular band from the North West.  With Martin Bennett on his driving  blues piano style plus the incomparable Stan Williams on trumpet and, from Bournemouth, John Maddox depping on reeds.  Super!”

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17 October – Bob Dwyer’s Bix and Pieces

John Boulton & Cicely Hughes: “Brilliant band and good varied mix of jazz standards.  Nice to have 3 singers too!”
Jan Almond: “I really liked this band – good entertainers and excellent choice of songs.”
Roger & Lesley: “Perfect!  Great music & musicianship – reeds in particular.  Some familiar songs and a few not so familiar.  A great ensemble – so many instruments!”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Bob and the magnificent six provided a night of fun and melody to everyone’s delight.  Depped beautifully (Andy Chislett).”
Maureen & John Carter: “Just one change of personnel from the last visit – Andy Chislett on trumpet (and flugelhorn).  Seven top notch musicians playing a superb range of jazz numbers from fast and furious to wonderful blues.  Brilliant!”
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “Great 7-piece band.  Particularly enjoyed the bass saxophone of John Baines and the banjo playing of David Price but an excellent ensemble.  Not every band gets a standing ovation at Gosport.”

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31 October – Savannah Jazz Band

Joyce Cook, Brenda & John Bugg: 
A jazz band called Savannah, Six blokes and part time piana,
Most of ’em older than your nanna, But none in need of a Stannah,
Spread jazz like heavenly manna, Chris, put ’em in next year’s planner”
Maureen & John Carter: “The usual visit by this superb band from Yorkshire with their wide range of traditional jazz numbers with emphasis on the blues.  Especially liked the duets of piano and harmonica on the R & B type tunes.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “The band played to their usual high standardwith some rarely heard musical gems included.”
Roger & Lesley: “A good mix of jazz played by a versatile & entertaining band of musicians – grand, droll, northern humour.  Hot jazz – perfect for a cold night.”
David & Bridget: “A good variety of tunes and music.  The audience participation was very pleasant and welcome.  Almost non-stop music – what more could you want.”

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