August 2018 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

8 August – John Maddocks’ Jazzmen
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “A fantastic line-up and great evening.  One of the best.”
Ron Norman: “Usual good standard from John and his band, backed tonight by the very good ‘Baby Jools’.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Great band.  Baby Jools brilliant drummer.  Enjoyed the evening very much.”
Roger & Lesley: “Great evening.  Superb musicians, some unusual tunes.  Lots of old favourites.  Particularly enjoyed the bass playing.”
Maureen Swire: “Excellent in every way, especially John Maddocks.  ‘Jools’ also very good.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “We always say ‘if the band doesn’t have a banjo and a brass horn – it ain’t a proper jazz band’.  John Maddocks’s line is – and more!  Special plaudits to our mate, quiet man Chris Gower, who lets his trombone do all the talking – eloquently!”
Ann Wilson and Barbara & Hugh Emsley: “Excellent as usual.  They are a delight and very entertaining.”
Maureen & John Carter: “What a super evening’s entertainment from this popular ‘local’ band (well Hants  Dorset).  All the usual suspects driven along by the wonderful, young, Baby Jools on drums!”

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22 August – Tiger’ Tim Eyles’ Ragamuffins

John & Pauline Bush: ” A terrific evening of great humour and music.”
Diana & Brian Nutting: “As usual a very entertaining gig – Tim even had some new jokes.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great sense of humour.  Most enjoyable evening.  Hilarious!  And the music wasn’t too bad either.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: “Lively.  First joke not bad!  Great band even with just the four to start with (Trombone & Reeds arrived late due to vehicle problems) weren’t bad at all.  One or two new jokes.  A very entertaining evening.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Another excellent performance from this ever-popular band.  Despite the late arrival of two members of the front line, Tim held the fort ably with his trumpet playing and excellent collection of old jokes.”
Roger & Lesley: “Good jokes.  Well done the quartet at the beginning.  Just the great entertainment we expect from Tim & Co.”
Tony Baily: “Always a pleasure – best jokes in jazz.  Great fun band.”
Tim & Andrew: “On good form as always.  Held together well at the start awaiting the arrival of the ‘others’.  Nice band.”

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