July 2018 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

11 July – Sussex Jazz Kings

Pauline & John Bush: “Superb jazz evening – better than World Cup football!!”
Marion Lance & Doreen Pladdys: “Lovely evening – very enjoyable [sorry about the football result!)
Trish, Joy & Barry: “Good line-up and familiar tunes, mostly familiar faces too.  Good for dancing but too hot.”
Lesley & Roger: “After a slow start, the band really warmed up once the football ended.  Loved the new banjo player.”
Sue & Vic Pheasant: “Great evening.  Come again soon.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: “Great evening apart from the football result.  Superb band.  Welcome to Paul Sealey , a great banjo player.”

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25 July – Dart Valley Stompers

David & Bridget Salmons: “A great band.  Well organised as the evening flowed from one tune to the next.  Excellent evening.  Glad to learn that jazz originated in Newton Abbott, or is that fake news?
Roger & Lesley: “A great evening, that made us forget the heat, as the music was so ‘hot’ right from the first number.  Fabulous!!”
Maureen & John Carter: “A new band to us at Gosport (Webmaster’s note: not quite new but it’s nearly nine years since they were last here) but the top-notch front line are all well known to us from other bands and with a rhythm section of equal calibre made for a super evening of New Orleans Jazz!”
Mark Willis, Marie Willis & Julia Hubery: “Thoroughly enjoyed the band – they’re a great blend.  Thought we loved the fast numbers, it would have been great to hear more slow ones, which we think they did really well.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “On a night when the band might have been expected to do a fullly Monty impersonation, instead they gave us all the old tunes with such enthusiasm and skill that they sounded newly minted.”
Ron Norman:: “Good swinging band made for an excellent evening’s entertainment.  Jeremy on reds was excellent – as usual.”
Barry Lomas, Joy Cox & Trish Emm: “Very lively Band.  Accomplished musicians too.  Bring them back soon.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: “Nearly nine years since they were last here.  Only Jeremy Huggett and Graham Trevarton of the line-up then returned tonight.  But an excellent jazz band.  Not every band  gets a standing ovation at Gosport so don’t let another 9 years go by this time.”

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