May 2018 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

2 May – Storyville Jassband from Holland

Tony Baily: “Good Dutch swing with good player, especially the drummer and a good sound set-up.  Come again!”
Jill Hinde, Sandra Harman & Brian Wead: “Very entertaining, most enjoyable.”
Tim King & Andrew Gaisford: “An excellent band, new to the Club with a lovely range of tunes.  The drum solo was great (really good).”
Brian & Belinda Maddock: “Excellent band.  Hugely entertaining.  Return visit recommended.”
John Killian, Vic & Sue Pheasant: “Great band who played some good jazz.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Good bunch of talented musicians.  Plenty of humour.  Enjoyed the selection of tunes.  A very good evening.  As our youngest granddaughter would say ‘I’ll have more of that’.”
Roger Hart: “An uplifting evening; nicely balanced playlist; great musicianship.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire & Veronica Walker: “This band compares with the best we have heard at the Club in many years.  Great entertainment, musicianship and variety of music.  Please book them again.”

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16 May – New Orleans Jazz Bandits

(The Band’s drummer, Malcolm Murphy, unfortunately became ill before the gig started but is now making a full recovery.  We all wished him well.)
Gill Hinde & Brian Wead: “Very enjoyable.  The performance was all the more creditable as they lost their drummer (Malcolm Murphy) just before the gig started.  Hope he gets well soon.”
Roger & Lesley: “A good ensemble – well played (without their drummer).  Some unusual tunes.  Individually excellent musicians.”
Pauline & John Bush: “An excellent selection of N. O. jazz with the ‘Blues’ beautifully played.”
Maureen & John Carter: “After a dramatic start with the drummer Malc Murphy taken ill, the bass player & banjoist worked valiantly in holding the beat for the excellent front line.  A good evening of traditional classics, show tunes, marches and blues followed.  Very enjoyable with a rousing Rebecca, Rebecca to finish.”
Barbara Bell & Norman March: “There are Bandits in Gosport but not like this!  They’re marvellous.”
John Ward: “Enjoyed the variety of music played so well.  Easy to listen to – come back!!”
Julia Hubery, Mark Willis and Marie Willis: “Thoroughly enjoyed the band, persevering without their drummer.  Amazing double bass.  Especially enjoyed Vieux Carré Bleues and Saratoga Swing.”

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30 May – Eagle Jazz Band

(Leader, Matt Palmer, was detained elsewhere so John Maddocks deputised on Reeds.)
David & Anita Cairns and John Killian: “FAB-U-LOUS daaarling!!!.   Ace players.   Great music.  More Please.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Brilliant evening’s entertainment with John Maddocks depping for the absent Matt Palmer.   Superb mix of Rags, Blues, Marches & Spirituals.   The standout solos were John Maddocks on alto, Brian (Mellor) on banjo and Baby Jules on drums!)
Mark & Marie Willis and Julia Hubery: “Absolutely fabulous – so energetic.   Amazing drummer & everyone soooo good.  Loved them.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Without a PA system, the band refused my request for ‘Big Noise From Winnetka” but, that minor irritation aside, a great selection of tunes and musicians.”
Barry Prosser: “Cannot think of enough superlatives to say about this band.  Foot-tapping, hand-clapping, jumping session.  What a treat!”
David & Bridget Salmons: “A great group, especially the drummer!   Played popular tunes with verve and enthusiasm.  A great evening with an excellent clarinetist.  All the band showed their individual talents.  Well done!”
Tony Baily:: “Sad that Matt could not be with the band but nice to see John Maddocks with the band – also the young Baby Jools on drums – what a talent.”

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