April 2018 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

4 April – Roger Marks’ Cornish Armada

Nancy Wilson & Liz Heal: “Loved the music and all the banter.  A very good evening.”
Marie Willis, Mark Willis & Julia Hubery: “Really lovely feelgood band who totally got together and made us smile.”
Bill, Barry, Trish and John Culliford: “Good old jazz band.  Great fun.”
Jim Bevington: “ I knew Roger Marks was superb but his trumpeter was very good too.  A good evening.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “ The well and long established band were tonight playing at their best and in good vocal harmony.”
Tony Baily: “Always a good gig with Roger and the boys.  Great drummer with super vocals.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great variety of tunes and vocals and humour.  Let’s have them again!  It is lovely to be back amongst the friendly Club after three months absence.”

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18 April 2018 – Slide by Slide – Richard Leach & Kevin Grenfell

Marie Willis, Mark Willis & Julia Hubery: “Really enjoyed the individual talents and beautiful blend of this band and especially the fantastic pianist and drummer – felt privileged to have heard them.”
John & Brenda Bugg & Eileen Vincent: “Harmony + Humour = Huge Entertainment – 5 musicians making good music look effortless.  Best night of the year (so far).
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “A refreshing change!  Hugely enjoyable.  Please get them back.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Very much enjoyed the two trombone arrangements as well as the keyboard music.  An excellent evening and of course great humour.”
Tony Baily: “A very good swinging band with a superb rhythm section.”
Margaret & Jim Bevington: “Lovely music. Variety of good tunes.  Two good vocalists – very entertaining.”
Ron Norman: “Excellent – unusual combo.  Great evening.”

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