January 2018 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

10 January – Chris Pearce Jazz Band

Tony Baily: “Good swinging trad.  Lovely trombone player.  “Good rhythm section.”
Andrew & Tim: “A wider range of music and all the better for it.  Some really great numbers with good intuition & intelligent playing between members of the band.  A band that plays music and not tell jokes.”
Brian & Diana Nutting: “Good music selection.  Lively band.  Liked Chris P’s humour which created a good atmosphere and rapport within the band.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “With Chris’s pearcing (!) wit, a lovely piercing trumpet from Tony, whose eyebrows rose in relation to the notes he played, and subtle trombone quotes, another fun night.”
David Fisher: “Superb musicianship by whole band; please return them soon.  A great evening of music.”
John/Anita & David/Vic & Sue: “A great way to start the New Year.  Get ‘em back.”
Maureen & John Carter: “We are familiar with most of the players in tonight’s band but never all together in this format!  Excellent band playing all the classics from the traditional jazz repertoire.”

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24 January 2018 – FB Pocket Orchestra

Fran Rees, Joyce Cooke and Brenda & John Bugg: “Absolutely brilliant – so versatile and original with lots of variety.  Please come back again.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: “Very distinctive sound and repertoire. Three gifted musicians who entertained us superbly.  Good ‘gentle’ jazz.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Three fabulous entertaining musicians.  Very versatile and a breath of fresh air.  Please book them again.”
Roger & Lesley: “Superb!  Excellent musicianship and mix of styles of music.”
Chris Wells & Charles Lindley: “Most enjoyable. Very original. Sharp and tight. Very talented.  A top evening.”
Juila Hubery, Mark & Marie Willis: “Gorgeous voice and clarinet with fantastic guitar and banjo plus we loved the squeeze box!  Also loved to have a slightly different repertoire with a slightly different edge.

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