June 2019 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

12 June – Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm with Marlene Hill

John & Brenda Bugg:; “Pete Mc Currie – Bass in a flurry!  Tony Carter – Order of the Garter! Graham Collicott – Drummin’ white hot! Martin Litton – We’ve always been smitten! Marlene Hill – A voice to kill (for)! And the Band? – Ee it were grand!”
John & Maureen Carter: “A welcome return for this popular band.  Two changes of personnel – Pete McCurrie on bass and Graham Collicott on drums.  An excellent evening’s entertainment of jazz plus Marlene Hill providing vocal accompaniment.  Super!”
Julia Hubery, Mark Willis, Marie Willis: “Great night.  especially loved Marlene’s singing & the Billie Holiday number and how the band gelled on those.”
David & Bridget:” Excellent band.  Lovely to hear the flute and enjoyed the vocals – great to hear Marlene – lovely voice.  Very entertaining all round.  The drummer was outstanding.  Excellent.”
Tony Baily: “Very entertaining band with good players and excellent vocals from Marlene Hill.”
Tim & Andrew: ” Great range of tunes with some lovely singing from Marlene.”

26th – Storyville Jassband from Holland


Very sad to say that, before the gig started, long-time Club member Eddie Wotton (age 94) collapsed and, despite valiant attempts to revive him, died.  Our thoughts are with his partner Carole, family and friends.
Hugh & Barbara Emsley: “Excellent Band.  Lifted the mood of the evening with great playing.”
Tim & Andrew: “Get them back soon to play a normal session – great band and performance in view of the earlier event.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Despite the unfortunate delayed start, this superb Dutch band soon settled into their groove playing a wide range of traditional numbers by Ellington, Waller and Oliver, etc.  A brilliant night.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “An evening we’ll never forget, especially for the Dutch boys playing jazz that lifted us up in a way that I’m sure Eddie would have loved.  Brilliant!!!”
Julia, Mark & Marie: “So very amazed and thankful at the wonderful and sophisticated music Storyville gave us, after a difficult and sad start to the evening.  We hope Eddie would have approved.”
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “After a difficult they made a sad evening into a tribute to Eddie.  The best foreign band we get at Gosport.  Very entertaining.”
Roger & Lesley: “Really enjoyed their style and sound.  Some less often heard tunes and lovely gentle humour.  Good traditional jazz band.  Let’s hope they can come back again soon and play all their tunes.”

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