November 2019 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

13 November – Panama Café Orchestra

John &  Brenda Bugg: “Lots of super 20s and 30s tunes superbly reincarnated.  Six totally talented musicians – the clarinettist wonderfully Ted Lewisesque and with the ability to cough his vocals in B flat.  Did we say we liked them -yes!!!!”
John & Maureen Carter: The best dressed band on the circuit, in their period dinner suits!  Playing in the Temperance Seven style of ensemble playing short solos and sudden endings, heavily arranged music of 1920s – 1930s classic jazz.  Very enjoyable.”
John Rothery: “A good humoured session, with no attempt at profundity.  Nevertheless, a high standard of musicianship needed to achieve the ‘period’ sound.”
Roger4 & Lesley: “Had to wait till the second set to have a real change of tempo.  Great sound and some good tunes.”
John & Pauline Bush: “Fantastic evening.  Great selection of jazz and good humour.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Lovely to hear a band that gets so well together and feel we’ve been treated to some very special, subtle and committed clarinet playing.  Especially liked ‘West End Blues’, ‘Washboard Wiggle’ and a piece that was something to do with King Oliver’s teeth and gums (but then there were a lot of teeth).”
John  Roman and Richard & Gill Farrar: “Brilliant evening’s entertainment. Excellent musicians.  Keep up the good work; much appreciate all the organisation.”

27 November – Dart Valley Stompers

John & Brenda Bugg:
Neatly attired, all suited and booted: Jeremy on reeds, superbly tooted.
Ron on trumpet, sometimes sumptuously muted, Our crowd likes ‘em, they rooted and hooted!
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: “Great band – very entertaining.  First time we’ve seen Ron Milford (trombone) for 10 years!  Good variety of tunes.  ‘Specially enjoyed the rhythm section but all good.”
Roger & Lesley: “Great mix of humour & lively jazz.  Can they come soon!!  Bands don’t come any better than these guys.  Superb.”
John & Pauline Bush: “We are lucky to be blessed with such wonderful musicians – a great evening.”
Hugh & Barbara Emsley: “Great band – excellent musicians and very professional.  They look good, know the programme and play without music.  Terrible jokes but we’re used to that!”
Bob Pringle: “Lively and entertaining with variety.  One of the better bands to play here.  Also had good variety of pace.”
Jan: “What a great band -good musicians, good choice of music.  Good fun.  Entertaining!!  Please book them again.”

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