February 2020 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

5 February – FB Pocket Orchestra

John and Maureen Carter: “A welcome back to this local talented trio playing, on their wide range of instruments, a selection of jazz classics and pop tunes of 1920s-1930s America. Excellent entertainment.”
Norman March and Barbara Bell: “Excellent!!  It must be the Gosport air? Twas indeed a super evening. Thank you .”
Kate, Roger & Lesley: “Quite superb.  Such a talented group and the music so varied.  Enjoyed every minute”
Jan & Veronica: “One of the best bands around, brilliant musicians & vocalists.  Entertaining , something special.”
Jill Bater & Angela Graham: “First time here, enjoyed it – will return.  FB Pocket Orchestra are excellent! “
John & Pauline Bush: “Great evening.  Unique sound and good vocals “
John Roman, Gill & Richard Farrar: “Something different, very entertaining, excellent individual musicians.  Singing was excellent,  We would like to see them again.”

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19th – Chris Pearce & Andy Leggett’s Sopranos

Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Loved it all – especially the Mooch.  Loved the make-up of the sets, the band’s togetherness and I’ve sadly forgotten all the lovely things I wanted to write but loved it – little bit of heaven.”
Frankie Patterson: “Different sound with two reeds – versatile band and entertaining great evening all round.”
Roger & Lesley: “For me an evening has to be about great jazz AND just as important – entertainment & fun.  Tonight ticked all the boxes.  Encore un fois!”
Alvis Philips and Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Lovely selection of music, good musicians.  Entertaining chat.”
Maureen & John Carter: “On their regular annual visit, this very popular West Midlands band’s return to Gosport with their wide array of reed instruments playing predominantly Bechet numbers as befits two soprano saxes!”
Trish, Joy, Yvonne & Barry: “Most accomplished band, good musicians, great programme!”

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