December 2021 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

1 December – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band

Barry Lomas, Trish Emm and Joy Cox: “Lots of solid standard jazz favourites.  We have been very lucky to have so many great bands lately.”
Lesley Carr, Hugh Emsley and Tom Robertson: “Such a reminder of so many old favourites and great introductory explanations.  Thank you.  Please have them again.
Roger and Lesley: “Great evening – top of the range entertainment. Perhaps the mike could have been louder for the intros. jokes and vocals.”
Malcolm & Juliette: “Polished & professional performance (an alliteration) by Chris Walker, playing many popular jazz standards.  Great entertainment and a most enjoyable evening.”
Jill & Petra: “One of the best bands that play at the Club.  Great to have lots of traditional favourites played.”

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15 December – Harry Strutters Hot Six plus Gloria Miller

REVIEWS: None taken as it was the Christmas Party

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