February 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

2nd February – Bob Dwyer’s Bix ‘n’ Pieces

John & Brenda Bugg and John Killian with a welcome new ode from John B:
“Marc on Sousaphone of John Philip’s (Sousa),
Graham conducting us with his sticks,
Hugh giving us fantastic piano rips,
Paula and lovely clarinet licks,
Fantastic cornet solos of ‘Magics’
All brought to us by Bob and his Bix.”
Gill, Richard & John: “Pleased to see the new line-up.  They came together very well.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Lovely to be entertained by such a happy as well as talented, individually and together, band.  Loved the mix of music – fast and slow.  Different genres.”
Roger & Lesley: “Very entertaining evening of vintage jazz played by a very talented group of musicians, three of whom were at Gosport for the very first time.”
Malcolm: “Another great evening’s entertainment, this time from Bob Dwyer, with a different line-up.  Welcome to newcomers to Gosport, Paula Jackman (reeds), ‘Magic’ Mike Henry (cornet) and Marc Easener (sousaphone).”

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16th February – Sussex Jazz Kings

Lesley Carr, Hilary & Hugh Emsley: “A nice varied programme.  Hope they can return before too long.”
John Kilian: “Let’s have them back again.”
Malcolm & Juliette: “Great band and as always & their regular line-up too.  Good entertainment.”
Gill & John: “A very good evening’s entertainment.”

Only a few photos but we’ve seen this band many times before!

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