June 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

8th – Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band

Tim & Andrew: “Brilliant band but sadly lacking a trombone.  Not much much repartee, but perhaps not such a bad thing.”
Roger & Lesley: “Some very toe-tapping numbers mixed with lovely blues. A nice mixture of standard and other, not so familiar pieces.  Good reed playing and enjoyed the stick bass man.”
Tony Baily: “Great swinging jazz.  Always great to see Martin and the guys.  A super set.  Come back soon.”
David & David: “Best trumpet I’ve seen at Gosport.  Great band.”
Margaret & Jim Bevington: “Some lovely old songs in the first half.”
Anon: “We appreciated the harmonious swing!  The band travelled from afar and they thank Vicky and Chris for the B&B.”

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22nd –  Excelsior Vintage Jazz led by Cuff Billett

John & Brenda Bugg: “Lovely, swinging band.  Saratoga Swing like it’s never swung before.  All Ably led by trumpeter Cliff Bennett – no, no, Cleft Palette, no, um Cuff …”
Jean Petty & John Killean: “Very good night.  Loved every minute.”
Terry & Linda Austerberry (guests): “I think this band is excellent.”
Adrian & Adrienne Knights (guests): “Most enjoyable evening, with some great drumming.”
Tim & Andrew: “Really enjoyed them and felt than better than last time.  DESERVED A BETTER TURNOUT.”
Jan Almond: “What a great evening.  Wonderful band – all excellent musicians.”
Yvonne, Juliette & Malcolm: “Great line-up and a wonderful selection of music.  Lots of engagement with the audience – such a contrast with two weeks ago.  No amplification except for Cuff’s vocals – which was great!”
Roger & Lesley: “A great evening of lively jazz.  Good to have Cuff and the band back again.  Enjoyed Mike’s bass playing and Tim’s banjo.”
Nick & Heather Anderson and Carole Morte: “A great performance and Cugff has certainly not lost the ability to reach all the right notes.  Brilliant!”

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