August 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

3rd August – Harry Strutters Hot Seven (featuring vocalist Marlene Hill)

John & Maureen Feltham (guests): “A great evening celebrating a 94th birthday.”
Richard & Ann Wilson: “Bring them back please.  Great music.  Great singing.”
John Carter: “Welcome Back to this very popular band.  One change of personnel was Andy Clancy, a worthy successor to Martin Lytton.  Excellent evening’s jazz, especially Marlene Hill.”
John & Gill: “Wonderful set from some familiar faces supported by vocals by Marlene.”
Tim & Andrew: “Marlene was as good as ever.  Excellent playing from the other band members.”
Malcolm, Juliette & Yvonne: “Great entertainment.  Marlene on form as usual with six other excellent musicians.  Very lively evening.”
Jan, Veronica, Stella & Bob: “Fantastic evening with great music and the wonderful Marlene Hill.  Lots of variety.”

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17th – Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band

Tim & Andrew: “Good to see the return of a much-loved band to the Club.  Thanks to the stand-in for Chris Walker (Tony Carter).”
John, Gill & Richard: “Some good old favourites played very well.  Excellent solos.”
Richard & Ann Wilson: ”They are all such excellent musicians – brilliant – a treat!  Again please.”
Anon: “Brilliant musicians.  Excellent trombonist.  Whole evening easy to listen to.  Liked the choice of music.”
Lesley & Roger: “Well we had fun and, we think, so did the band!  Really lively evening of great jazz played by a superb team.  Great to hear Tony Mann on trombone and ‘super-sub’ Tony Carter on reeds, plus Ken Ames making a great stand-in leader.”
Nick & Heather Anderson and Carole Mort: A consistently good band who did themselves proud tonight.  Treble brilliant!!”
Yvonne, Juliette, Tessa & Malcolm: “Excellent musicians with great personalities.  Incredible range of repertoire.  Missed Chris Walker but Ken did a great job as stand-in leader and Tony Carter deputising for Chris.  Very entertaining evening.”

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