October 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

12thLonnie Donegan Story

John & Brenda Bugg plus John and Jean:
“There was a star called Lonnie Donegan,
Warren James came and sang his songs agen,
Us Gosport folk cried, do come agen,
Donegan’s songs can do no wrong, agen.
Apologies to Michael Finnegan.”
Lesley & Roger: “Beyond brilliant entertainment, but Warren is a northerner, so bound to be good.  Very different from our usual fayre but a very entertaining nostalgia trip.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “PHEEENOMENAL!!!  Singing amazing (did that man have bronchitis?).  Incredible drumming.  Gorgeous sax and clari.  Just luuurved the bass!”
Frankie Patterson: “Knockout.  Absolutely tremendous!”
Ricard, Gill, John, Gwyn and Jeanette: “An exceptional evening.  Although we are jazz lovers, this made a great change and brought back many memories.  Bring on the Rolling Stones.”
John, Barry, and Trish: “First class entertainment.  Coming again?”
Nick & Heather A: “The complete, comprehensive Lonnie Donnegan – memories of our youth.”

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26th – Tim Eyles’ Mardi Gras

Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Love, love, love Seven Golden Daffodils and how you guys do it.  Also loved Mood Indigo.
Tony Baily and John Carter: “Always good to see Tim keeps playing.  See you next year.  We were transported back to RAT  (Real Ale & Thunder) bands and the jokes were the same!  Excellent evening’s entertainment.”
Nick & Heather Anderson and Carole Mort: “The usual perfect laid-back style giving us a memorable evening.  Brilliant.”
John, Gill, Richard, Gwyn and Jeanette: “Very nice to see Tim blowing again.  The clarinet duets were excellent.  Very good sets, especially Seven Golden Daffodils.”
Barbara Bell and Norman March: “Tim, like the whole world – we both think the world of you!!”
Lesley & Roger: “Very enjoyable evening with Tim and the band. Great to hear Tim’s pocket trumpet and Chris on reeds plus John Bell on drums and clarinet with great piano and bass to make an excellent quintet.”
Malcolm, Yvonne and Juliette: “Mostly gentle jazz – great contrast to two weeks ago.  Good to hear John on clarinet and Tim on drums.  A great evening of refined jazz.”

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