December 2022 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

7th – Graham Collicott’s Hershey and the Hot Shots

Roger & Lesley: “A very entertaining evening of ‘real’ trad jazz.  A great front line backed by superb bass & banjo with lots of interaction with the audience.  A real treat.”
Nick & Heather A and Carole: “It’s good to see and hear a real trad band playing all the jazz greats.  Brilliant.”
Barbara Bell & Norman March: “Super duper.  Effortless entertainment.  Real Hot shots.  Many thanks.”
John Carter: “We have seen this band before in one of its various forms, but not with this excellent front line.  Very entertaining playing a wide range of traditional classics and show tunes.”
Juliette, Tessa & Malcolm: “It was ’Proper jazz’ as our one-time Secretary used to say.  Welcome to Bob Alcoe on trombone on his first visit to GJC.  Great evening and particularly liked Burgundy Street Blues.”

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21st – Xmas Party Gig – John Maddocks Jazzmen

To give the audience a night off, no Survey was taken but in the opinion of your Webmaster this was a great evening of ‘proper’ trad jazz with a superb performance by the John Maddocks Jazzmen and a very enjoyable and entertaining Christmas Party evening.

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