January 2023 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

11th – Acoustic Jass

John & Brenda Bugg: “In this austerity world, four-piece bands are more common and  trumpet, clarinet, banjo and sousaphone provide the essentials for Dixieland jazz.  Providing the boys can play, of course and these guys really can!!  Great repertoire too.”
John Carter: “Another visit by this popular four-piece band, playing in the Temperance Seven style a wide range of jazz classics – show tunes and novelty numbers.  Very well received.”
Roger & Lesley: “Good music and musicians and a full evening of sousaphone.  Lots of authentic New Orleans tunes and jokes!  Very entertaining evening.”
Jan, Veronica, Stella & Bob: “A really good band.  Entertaining and good musicians.”
Tony Baily: “A small group with a big sound.”
Gwyn, Jill & John: “Very enjoyable evening.  Great songs.  Loved the jackets!”

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25th – Andy Woon’s All Stars

Keith & Anita Holmes: “Very enjoyable.”
Nick & Heather Anderson and Carole Mort: “A change to hear a band playing the best of 20th century jazz hits.  Brilliant and no need for drums.”
John, Gwyn, Gill & Richard: “Five excellent producing smooth music playing together.”
John Carter: “An evening of soft gentle jazz from Andy Woon and his five-piece All Stars band, featuring Tony Carter deputising on reeds and flute and a young guitar player, Jarrod Elks.”
Veronica & Jan: “This band had to be good musicians to play this excellent style of jazz – the guitar player in particular is one of the best we have had.  We really enjoyed them.”
John ^ Rita Porter: “Most enjoyable.”
Malcolm, Yvonne & Juliette: “Great evening – very entertaining and professional line-up.  Loved Jarrod on guitar and Tony on flute.  Good varied repertoire.”

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