February 2023 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

8th – Bob Dwyer’s Bix ‘n’ Pieces

John & Brenda Bugg: “Bob’s repertoire has always been different and his band always has fun.  So do we.  His line-ups are always superb too.  Nice to go home with a smile on your face (even if your raffle number didn’t get picked).”
John Carter: “An excellent lively performance from this band.  A superb front line led by Enrico Tomasso (deputising) and the whole ensemble driven along by Hugh Crozier on keyboard.”
John, Gill & Gwyn: “It’s great to have this band back.  A good mix of known and not so-well known tunes.  Brilliant.”
Nick & Heather and Carole: “A great line-up of talent, topped by Enrico Tomasso, who many consider to be the UK’s top trumpeter.  Very brilliant.”
Jean Petty & John Killian: “Well, what a good night again!!”
Keith & Anita Holmes: “Great band.  Lots of fun.”
Lesley & Roger: “After a slightly hesitant start this band played an excellent selection of New Orleans jazz very well. A very entertaining evening.”

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22nd – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers

John & Brenda Bugg’s limerick:
      “We look forward to Chris Newman with elation,
       His introductions are always an education,
       His facts may be obscure,
       But his playing never demure,
       And his band plays in vintage syncopation.”
Jan, Bob & Veronica: “Well done Chris and the Ramblers.  Very entertaining and lots of information.  Excellent choice of music.”
Juliette, Yvonne & Malcolm: “Very entertaining as usual.  Great selection of lesser known tunes with lots of info.  Nice to see John Davidson again.”
Tim & Andrew: “Good variety of tunes and as usual great piano playing by Chris.”
John & Maureen Carter: ”A welcome return to our very own Chris Newman and popular local band playing a selection of show tunes and novelty numbers. Chris always manages to find the less well known and obscure numbers from the 1920s.”
Nick Heather & Carole: “There was no loss of their musical expertise for this evening.  Brilliant authentic 1920s sound.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Thanks to all the band for a great evening of energy and togetherness in performance.  Plus some gorgeous special piano and double bass.”
John Gill & Gwyn: “ A very enjoyable evening.  Lots of information from the Chris and enjoyed his tinkling of the electronic ivories.  Loved the old stuff.”

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