March 2023 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome back to this swinging band playing 1920s & 30s music in Dave’s inimitable style.  The unusual line-up of cornet plus two reeds players gives the band their distinctive sound.”
Jan, Veronica & Bob: “This band is very likeable and looked good.  Excellent musicians.”
Dean: “Great to see Nat’s trumpet being played.  The band are quite relaxing.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: Fantastic togetherness in the playing and loved how they bounced-off each other.  Gorgeous tone in the playing.  thanks guys.   Would’ve loved to hear them play something a bit sadder too.  Especially liked Aunt Tilley (?the one with two clarinets).”
Nick & Heather Anderson and Carole Mort: “It’s good to hear numbers not often played, new to some and played so well.  Brilliant players.”
Tim & Andrew: “Good tunes!  Played well!”

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22ndExcelsior Vintage Jazz with Cuff Billett

John and Brenda Bugg’s limerick:
”Some say Dixieland is Old Junk,
But tap your feet to the Banjo’s plunk,
Excelsior give it some welly,
Dull?  Not on your nelly,
‘Cos without fun music we’re sunk.”
Barry Trish and Joy: “A good night of easy to listen to TRAD Jazz”
Keith and Anita Holmes: “Very good, nice to have the drums and banjo! Well done, loved Salty Dog.
John and Rita Porter: ”Great evening, best of gigs so far.”
Lesley and Roger: “A great evening’s entertainment of Trad Jazz played in style and with humour by a talented group of musicians.”
Malcolm and Tessa: ”Great to be back to a trad line-up and a band with some humour, relating to the audience.  Very entertaining evening.”
Juliette and Yvonne: ”An evening of great entertainment.  Wonderful musicians playing some great tunes.”
Maureen and John Carter: ”A welcome back to this old favourite band of GJC featuring Cuff Billett on trumpet with wig!  Playing a wide selection of traditional classics, show tunes and novelty numbers.  Excellent.”

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