June 2023 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

14th – The Otis B Driftwood Showband – see their Facebook page

John Carter and John Roman: ”A New band for Gosport, although two members Tim (trumpet) and Graham (drums) are familiar from other bands.  An 8-piece fun band playing a wide range of Jazz music and lots of laughs.  A pleasant change from our usual fare.”
Juliette and Malcolm: “Very different but great entertainment with a good mix of jazz & other genres.  Lovely to see the band supporting Ukraine and their musicians.”
Roger and Lesley: “What a show from this Showband.  New lyrics to old songs and new jokes plus virtuoso playing in all departments.  The Vivaldi played on and electric accordian was a first for Gosport and brought the house down.  We need a separate form to write about those two fantastic Ukrainian Musicians.”
Robert and Brenda Davenport: ”Please have them back, such talent & great fun.”
John & Diane: “ Fantastic session, best one we’ve been to.  Hope to see more of them.”
Sheila Gillie and Tony Bailey: “Good fun band – a nice change.  The Ukrainians were very good.”
Dean Alder & Mary Sutton-Coulson: ”The best nights music so far.  Such a great mix of genres.  The Ukrainian couple were amazing.  The band are hilarious, please bring them back.”

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28th – Tim Eyles’ Mardi Gras

John and Maureen Carter: ”One of our favourite bands to play at Gosport, a welcome return for “Tiger” Tim and his Mardi Gras band.  Playing a wide range of popular jazz tunes and his usual jokes.  Superb entertainment.”
Malcolm, Juliette and Tess: ”A very entertaining evening with Tim on top form with vocals (especially Seven Golden Daffodils) backed by a great band with Chris Walker, John Bell, Paul Francis & Pete Maxwell.  Great variety of genres.”
Gwyn, John & Jeanette: ”Enjoyed as usual – good to go “off-piste” and improvise with two clarinets.”
Lesley & Roger: ”An eclectic mix of tunes from Gospel, swing, New Orleans, show, and Blues.  Irrepressible Tim and his band played a great gig and made for a very entertaining evening.”
Jan, Paul, Bob and Veronica: ”A really good entertaining band.  Excellent musicians and lots of different tunes.”
John & Brenda Bugg: ”What an enjoyable evening!  Pure Joy – feel good entertainment.”
Nick, Heather & Carole: “A true variety jazz band featuring a great bunch of talent.  Extremely brilliant!”

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