July 2023 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

12th – Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers

John & Brenda Bugg:
“Georgia Ramblers, Pete’s a miracle,
His music knowledge not stereotypical,
He knows 500 songs,
and seldom goes wrong,
Which you must admit is ruddy difficul’”
Maureen & John Carter: ”Our very own Chris Newman and his ever popular Georgia Ramblers. Slight change of personnel, no trombone, instead Tony Carter depping on tenor and baritone saxes and tin bass instead of string bass.  Excellent evening’s entertainment with more obscure jazz numbers.”
Nick, Heather & Carole: ”A consistently good south coast jazz band playing at their best tonight.  Exceptionally lovely.”
John ,Gill & Gwyn: ”Loved the music tonight, lots of interesting info from Chris as usual but would have liked a bit more banjo.  A very relaxed programme.”
Roger & Lesley: ”Another very entertaining evening of lesser known tunes played brilliantly by the Georgia Ramblers.  With Chris giving a history lesson on some of the characters from the early days of jazz.  It was especially good to hear Tony Carter on the baritone sax.”

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26thGolden Eagle Jazz Band (also see their Flyer)

John: “A very enjoyable evening.  Music we like to hear by an excellent band.”
Barbara Bell and Norman March: “(The Golden) Eagle has landed.  A super six – we so enjoyed their melodious mix.”
Nick & Heather and Carole: “A great band, very much keeping up the standard tonight. Brilliant.”
Malcolm, Jenny, Juliette & Yvonne: “Kevin is the driving force of this very entertaining band.  Welcome to Simon Wyld on trombone – first time at Gosport.  Great evening.”
Roger & Lesley: “ A very entertaining evening of New Orleans jazz, especially the first set of gospel numbers.  Played by a very talented group of musicians.”
Rita & John Porter: “Great jazz.”
Brenda & Robert Davenport: “A terrific swinging jazz band.”

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