January 2024 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

17th – Jazz Café – A gypsy style group – new to Gosport Jazz Club.

Julia Hubery & Mark Wilis: “What a stunning start.  Really loved that first number, also Blue Bossa and Black Orchid.  Fantastic solos and collaboration.  Really loved the violin and fresh approach to old favourites (but preferred the numbers we don’t hear so often). Thanks so much for a great night of music.  Hope to see Jazz Café again.”
Nick & Heather and Carole: “Definitely a band with immense talent and should be booked for a return visit.”
Jim & Margaret: “Lovely relaxing music.  Different but enjoyable.”
John Carter: “A pleasant change from our usual traditional fare, to have some ‘Hot Club of Paris’ jazz with their own Jango Reinhardt.  Excellent entertainment.”
Tim & Andrew: “Absolutely brilliant.  A good reception with great jokes and repartee.”
Malcolm, Juliette and Yvonne: “A very different line-up with four strings players plus a saxophonist.  Good humour and interaction with the audience.  Five excellent entertaining musicians with first attendance at GJC for Al Stewart, Doug Pruden and Mike Pigott.  Lovely to hear a violin well played by Mike Piggot and Trevor Britton with another band, other than the Georgia Ramblers.  Book ’em again soon.”
Bob Pringle and Jan Almond: “Good band.  Nice to have a different combination of instruments producing individualistic, wonderful music.  What a breath of fresh air.”
Roger and Lesley: “A really entertaining evening with swinging gypsy music and great jokes.   With five very talented musicians we were transported to the 1930s by ‘Le Quintet du Hot Club de Gosport’.  Hope they can come back soon.”

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31stThe Big Easy

Tony and Jenny Billings (guests): ”Our First visit to GJC since Nat Gonella was alive!  Really brilliant band, great musicianship and unusual sharp arrangements.  Pity they live so far away! Syncopated keyboard playing absolutely amazing.”
Tony Baily: ”Great young band , all good players.  Looking forward to seeing them again soon.”
Gill, John and Matthew: ”The second new band for GJC this year.  Very young talented musicians – an excellent evening’s entertainment.  Bring them back soon.”
Frankie Patterson: ”Superb, brilliant, magnificent, all the superlatives.”
Dean, Mary and Lisa: ”Great to see such excellent young talent.  Brilliant individual musicians as well as a fabulous group.”
John & Rita Porter: ”Most enjoyable, a great band and a great evening.”
Roger & Lesley: “Wow!  A young jazz band and they know how to play!  Great repertoire, well presented.  A superb evening’s entertainment, their first visit to Gosport, let’s hope it can be repeated soon.”
Bob, Veronica and Jan: ”Fantastic band of versatile, excellent musicians and a great repertoire. Very slick performance. Please book them again soon.”

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