April 2024 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

10th – John Maddocks Jazzmen

Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Heavenly reeds, wonderfully creative percussion and everyone playing their socks off with amazing talent.  What more could we want?  Especially liked The Mooch, Last Smile Blues and C Jam Blues.  Thank you.”
Juliette, Yvonne & Jenny: “Excellent evening of great musicianship.  Particularly good vocals from Andy Dickens.”
Robert & Brenda Davenport: “Marvellous swinging band.  C Jam Blues outstanding.  Driven by the very talented drummer Nick Ward.  Bring ‘em back again.”
John & Maureen Carter: “Welcome return for this ever popular band playing the full range of jazz classics, rags, stomp, blues and the odd march.  Very lively and well received.  Excellent.”
Malcolm: “Seven superb musicians who gave us a great evening’s entertainment playing jazz standards, plus some less well-known numbers.  Wonderful!”
Dereck & Wendy: “Consummate musicians at ease with their genre, the audience and themselves.  Excellent evening.”
Roger & Lesley: “Great musicians, great jazz, altogether a great evening’s entertainment.”

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24th – Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants

John & Brenda Bugg and John Killian: “Multi-brass talented Kevin, sings, jokes and generally insults anyone in sight, but provides us with a fabulous band, tap-your-feet repertoire and a barn storming evening every time.  What more could you want?”
Mark Willis & Julia Hubery: “Huge energy, fantastic arrangements and wonderfully inventive playing made old favourites sound incredibly fresh.  Really enjoyed Chris’s stunning boogie-woogie solo and intense complex, percussion.  The whole band were rocking in The Chicken Song.
Maureen & John Carter: “Straight from the off in Running Wild this lively band entertained.  Five top notch musicians doing what they do best.  Super evening’s entertainment.”
Doug & Andrea (Guest): ”Very enjoyable evening thank you.”
Hugh Emsley: ”Another fabulous evening from this excellent  group.  We must have them again soon.”
Malcolm: “Very entertaining evening by Kevin and co.  Mostly jazz standards but very well performed by five excellent musicians.  Drums too insistent and would have welcomed more subtlety.”
Roger & Lesley: “Great jazz played by five very talented musicians, plus humour and great interaction with the audience made for a very entertaining and memorable evening.”

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