May 2024 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

8thGolden Eagle Jazz Band (also see their Flyer)

Nick & Heather Anderson & Carol Morte: ”A band with outstanding talent even though it came as a surprise to open with Rock around the clock!  Wonderful.”
Roger & Lesley: ”Always an enjoyable evening with the Golden Eagle.  The new to Gosport, bass player, John Sirett was excellent.”
Robert & Brenda  Davenport: ”Let’s have them back soon including the outstanding Simon Wilde on trombone.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A very popular band at Gosport JC, ably led by Kevin Scott on his tenor banjo, playing the whole range of classic traditional numbers.  The stand-out musician for me was Alan Cresswell on clarinet.”
Maggie & Jill: “nice variety of music.  Good education!  Nicely balanced.”
Tony Baily & Sheila: “Always an entertaining band, with plenty of go!  Beautiful people.”
Gill, Ricard & John: “Excellent!!  Hope they come back soon.  Good one-liner jokes.  Very good trombonist.”
Jan, Bob & Veronica: “An excellent band.  Entertaining and very good musicians.  Played some good numbers and told good jokes.”

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22nd – Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends

Hugh Emsley: “Most enjoyable evening.  A good varied programme.”
Doug & Andrea: “I prob. (def.) know less about jazz than anyone else in the room, so lots of new stuff for us.  Loved the variety and energy but very loud in the front.”
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: “Wow!  Wipe the silly smile off my face, it’s been there all night ‘cos I’m gobsmacked by the energy, quality and originality.  Somehow sound like a big band, superb harmonics, gorgeous synchronicity, intricate and sensitive rhythm, fantastic solos, really fresh set and arrangements.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Especially like the first two numbers, Easy Money, and Black Cat on the Fence, plus luscious intro to Tangerine piano solo and Bossa nova Strut in BBQ.”
John & Diana O’Keefe: “Particularly enjoyed the pianist!!”
Jan, Veronica & Paul: “Great musicians, excellent music and a brilliant evening.”
Malcolm: “Six very talented musician who played a very a great variety of tunes & tempi.  An excellent evening’s entertainment so please repeat it soon.”
John Porter: “Enjoyed the band. Great jazz.  Great evening.”

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