June 2024 Gigs – Reviews & Photos

5th – Tim Eyles’ Mardi Gras

John & Brenda Bugg and Jean Petty, John Killian:
It’s no coincidence Tim Eyles,
Rhymes with laughter & smiles.
With his fun and odd wiles,
It’s true humour cures all,
Including your farmer Giles.“
Robert & Brenda Davenport: “A great band with exciting pianist.  Let’s have ‘em back, including guest tenor sax, Freddy, if possible.”
Jill Hubbard & Julian Caesar: “Great to listen to time-served veterans!  The smiliest pianist in the universe.  What a great band, brilliant all round.  Terrific!! Thank you.”
Julia Hubery, Mark Willis and Carole Mort: “Thanks to the band for a very enjoyable evening.  Especially liked the inventive and original double bass.  Great to hear John Bell on the clarinet and, wow, what amazing, fluid, phenomenal and committed piano playing.  Good to hear a wild card in Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love.  I always enjoy Tim Eyles singing Seven Golden Daffodils, especially wonderful tonight with the moody, expressive bass.”
Malcolm, Yvonne & Juliette: “As always, very entertaining.  Five great musicians playing lots of jazz standards plus some more unusual stuff.  Good to have Tim playing his trumpet again and a special welcome to superb pianist Andy Daniels on his first time at Gosport for many, many years.”
Jan, Paul & Veronica, “An excellent band.  Very good musicians, especially the keyboard player.  Tim Eyles on form as usual.  Great entertainment.”
Ann & Richard Wilson: “Mad, but great fun and great entertainment.  Amazing pianist.  Bring ‘em back.”

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19thJazz Café 

Jim &Margaret Bevington: “Very different.  Memories of Stéphane Grappelli.  Made a lovely relaxing evening.”
David Badcock, Dave Clorely & Terry Hammond: “Great band.  Very much enjoyed the humour.  Good to hear ‘Stéphane Grappelli’ in the room.”
Malcolm, Juliette, Yvonne & Jenny: “Great return visit and good to have a larger audience this time.  Very different ensemble with the violin with two guitars and sax.  Lovely evening’s entertaining music.”
Nick & Heather A plus Carole: “Excellent evening, made that by the addition of jazz violinist Mike Piggot.  Good all-round band with great harmony.  Sensational!”
Bob, Veronica, Paul & Jan: “We enjoyed them in January and still fantastic today.  Entertaining, excellent musicians.  So glad they were re-booked.”
Lesley & Roger: “A different style from the usual trad jazz band, but SO enjoyable.  We could listen to Mike’s fiddling forever.  A very entertaining evening with some good jokes. “

26th June AGM
The 10th Jazz Club AGM was held with 47 Members present. Malcolm Swire was presented with a hamper to mark his retirement after completing 12 years as Membership Secretary. For more information please see the News page.
The AGM was followed by an informative talk by Chris Newman on Nat Gonella’s early Years.

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